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Terms and Conditions

  • Let’s Walk has to be mailed a confirmation e-mail at least 24 hours prior to the event mentioning the participants, timing and event name in case of any bookings.


  • Following the confirmation e-mail, 50% of the complete charges for the services offered must be transferred to Let’s Walk’ Bank account or paid in cash or paid through the website payment gateway not less than 24 hours from the event timing.


  • Contact on the road must be provided whether it be e-mail address or phone numbers of either the guests or their representative to ensure the smooth co-ordination of the event.


  • If there are cancellations prior to 48 hours, 50% amount will be refunded and any cancellations done less than 48 hours prior to the event are non-refundable


  • In case of cancellations which can be notified at least 7 days prior to the event, the full amount can be refunded upon presentation of reasonable explanation.


  • Activities that come across as a part of our services will be changed under no circumstances and Let’s Walk holds the right to control the activities during its events. No claim shall be made afterwards stating that the guests are to be restricted from any sort of activities which are a part of our services.


  • Let’s Walk has the right to deny its services to any client who does not comply with the policies.


  • Let’s Walk does not account for any personal losses due to negligence, lack of attention or unforeseen circumstances which are beyond control.


  • Let’s Walk does not hold the responsibility if the events or services gets cancelled due to things beyond control such as natural calamities, war, strikes or anything of such nature.


  • In case of casualties or emergencies that may arise due to pre-existing medical conditions or undiagnosed health issues which are not related to Let’s Walk services, provided the guest has raised no objection to Our Policies that require the customers to declare any special assistance requirement or guidelines applicable, Let’s Walk will not be responsible for the mishap although required medical attention will be made available.


  • Let’s Walk provides safety advice to all the guests before starting any event and if the customer suffers losses or bears expenses due to non-adherence to the advice offered, the customer is solely responsible and Let’s Walk is not liable under any circumstances.


  • Let’s Walk is not accountable for any third party bookings or offers unless clearly stated on our letter head that partial authority has been given to whomsoever the booking has come through and failure to produce necessary documentation regarding the same will lead to a fraud complaint against the accused from both ends namely Let’s Walk and the client.


  • Complaints or grievances shall be mailed to the mail addresses of Let’s Walk with sufficient proof to be considered and in case of missing information or failure to provide necessary evidence to support corresponding grievances, Let’s Walk has the full authority to dismiss the grievance by either closing it as a non-compliant grievance or by freezing the further procedure until and unless mandatory code is followed.


  • Due to Data Protection Act, Let’s Walk has the full authority to deny access to any sort of information sought if there is undisputed suspicion or if there is not enough content to add to the credibility of any query.


  • Matters arising out of anything mentioned in the policies are to be dealt with the state appellate authority wherever the jurisdiction is applicable.