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If you are an open minded person and enjoy experiencing new things, we invite you to a thrilling and fascinating walk of the ‘real’ Jaipur. We will visit multiple markets and lanes and alleys which are pretty unknown to the outside world which is busy seeing the monuments. An excellent way to learn more about people, local culture and lives in different forms. Get to interact with some locals, embrace the local culture.

Vibrant energy, colourful views and the harmony of people from all walks of faith will mesmerize you. An ever memorable experience if you are keen and experiential.

We carefully planned the itinerary so that you will make the most of your time in Jaipur.

Inclusions: All guide fees, Bottled Water, Snacks and Refreshments

Exclusions: Personal Expenses

Meeting point: Ajmeri Gate, Jaipur



Indian cuisine is pretty famous throughout the world and one of the most sought after kind of food. However, India’s sheer size and cultural diversity has played a major role in the eating habits and cooking practices. Every region has their peculiar cooking methods and food items.

When in Jaipur, why not experience the magic of Rajasthani cuisine with a thrilling food walk with us! We will take you to multiple food joints of Jaipur which are exclusive and unique. You can also learn more about the cooking methods and maybe try making some at chosen outlets. All food is safe and tested and there is no doubt that the walk will make you crave more of delicious Rajasthani food!

An awesome activity for a foodie in the evening..

Inclusions: All guide fees, All food, Bottled Water, Snacks

Exclusions: Personal Expenses

Meeting point: Ajmeri Gate, Jaipur



A well planned walk in the morning which is the best way to experience the charming history and architectural marvel of Jaipur.

Starting from Chand Pole Gate, we will go for an amazing walking tour which covers some notable monuments such as Pandit Shivjeen ki Haveli, Saleem Manzil, Kothari Bhawan etc. The fascinating stories associated with these buildings and the brains behind it are mind blowing. We can even call it “An open air gallery of architecture” when we witness the exquisite beauty and elegance of these monuments. All of them are the finest creations of Indo-Sarcenic architecture, Hindu architecture, Bengali architecture and Typical Jaipur architecture. We will stop over for tea and snacks and some interesting activities as well.

A very interesting tour for the open minded

Inclusions: All guide fee, Bottled Water, Refreshments

Exclusions: Any personal expenses

Meeting Point: Chand Pole Gate, Jaipur




Art has always been a gem of Jaipur since the city always encouraged various forms of art which enabled so many artisans to thrive in the city and showcase their craftsmanship and talent. Following the tradition and preservation of these exclusive skills has led to the cultural expansion of the city and fame of the artwork from Jaipur.

Even practised today as family businesses, these masters of art continue delivering their heavenly work for all people.  We will be visiting these exclusive shops and spots where men of skill work wonders on Marbles, Enamel, Lac, Brass, Tie and Dye and Textiles.

Jewellery to statues to clothing, the walk is going to leave you astonished..

Inclusions: All Guide Fees, Bottled Water, Refreshments        

Exclusions: Personal Expenses

Meeting Point: Ajmeri Gate, Jaipur



Let’s get immersed in the spiritual pool Jaipur has preserved for centuries through the presence of numerous temples of different communities. During the time of the Kings, they lavishly built a number of temples in front of the entrances and over time, different communities started adding to it. Now there are more than 4000 temples in the entire Jaipur among which we select some exclusive temples to have an enlightening experience.

Visit temples of different communities like Ramanandis, Balanandis, Gaudias and Shaivs and learn more about their practices and beliefs and history.

Eye opening and spiritually nourishing, the morning tour is a perfect way to awaken your inner spiritual beast.

Inclusions: All guide fees, Offerings, Bottled Water, Refreshments

Exclusions: Personal Expenses

Meeting point: Chand Pole Gate, Jaipur